Reporter mouse

生体モデル開発チームでは、アカデミアに対しレポーターマウスの分与を行なっています。分与に際し、MTAを締結します。分与をご希望の方は、リクエストフォームに記入の上、mutant.bdr(at) にお送りください。


LARGE has recently developed a number of fluorescent reporter mouse lines useful for live imaging of embryos and tissues to aid better understanding of dynamic developmental processes. The following list of reporter mice are available to the scientific community.

Please contact “mutant.bdr(at)” to request the reporter mouse line of your interest.

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Reporter mouse list
Applications Line names CDB Acc. No. Ref.
Nucleus R26R-H2B-EGFP CDB0203K 1
Nucleus R26R-H2B-mCherry CDB0204K 1
Nucleus R26R-H2B-mKeima-Red CDB0205K 1
Nucleus R26-H2B-EGFP CDB0238K 1
Nucleus R26-H2B-mCherry CDB0239K 1
Nucleus R26-H2B-mKeima-Red CDB0240K 1
Mitochondria R26R-Mito-EGFP CDB0216K 1
Mitochondria R26-Mito-EGFP CDB0251K 1
Golgiapparatus R26R-Golgi-EGFP CDB0211K 1
Golgiapparatus R26R-Golgi-mCherry CDB0212K 1
Golgiapparatus R26-Golgi-EGFP CDB0246K 1
Golgiapparatus R26-Golgi-mCherry CDB0247K 1
Membrane R26R-Lyn-Venus CDB0219K 1
Membrane R26R-Display-Venus CDB0208K 1
Membrane R26R-Display-mCherry CDB0209K 1
Membrane R26R-Display-KikGR CDB0207K 1
Membrane R26-Lyn-Venus CDB0254K 1
Membrane R26-Display-Venus CDB0243K 1
Membrane R26-Display-mCherry CDB0244K 1
Membrane R26-Display-KikGR CDB0242K 1
Membrane R26R-Lyn-mCherry CDB0278K 2
Membrane R26-Lyn-mCherry CDB0287K 2
Microtubules R26R-EGFP-Tuba CDB0210K 1
Microtubules R26R-hEMTB-EGFP CDB0214K 1
Microtubules R26R-EB1-EGFP CDB0213K 1
Microtubules R26-EGFP-Tuba CDB0245K 1
Microtubules R26-hEMTB-EGFP CDB0249K 1
Microtubules R26-EB1-EGFP CDB0248K 1
Cytoplasm CAG-KikGR-1 CDB0201T-1 4
Cytoplasm CAG-KikGR-2 CDB0201T-2 4
Cytoplasm R26R-ManGeKyou (R26R-MGK) CDB0222K 11
Cytoplasm R26R-EGFP CDB0297K 11
Cytoplasm R26R-nKikGR CDB0312K 13
Cytoplasm R2R-nKikGR CDB0318K 13
Actin cytoskeleton R26R-Venus-Actin CDB0217K 1
Actin cytoskeleton R26R-Venus-Moesin CDB0221K 1
Actin cytoskeleton R26-Venus-Actin CDB0253K 1
Actin cytoskeleton R26-Venus-Moesin CDB0252K 1
Actin cytoskeleton R26R-EGFP-Toripbp4 CDB0280K 3
Actin cytoskeleton R26-EGFP-Toripbp4 CDB0289K 3
Tight junction R26R-ZO1-EGFP CDB0225K 12
Tight junction R26-ZO1-EGFP CDB0260K 12
Adherence junction R26R-PHA7-EGFP CDB0226K 9
Adherence junction R26-PHA7-EGFP CDB0261K 9
Nucleus & Membrane R26R-RG CDB0227K 2
Nucleus & Membrane R26-RG CDB0237K 2
Fucci2-G1 R26R-mCherry-hCdt1(30/120) CDB0229K 3
Fucci2-S/G2/M R26R-mVenus-hGem(1/110) CDB0230K 3
Fucci2 R26p-Fucci2 CDB0203T 3
Fucci2-G1 R26-mCherry-hCdt1(30/120) CDB0264K 3
Fucci2-S/G2/M R26-mVenus-hGem(1/110) CDB0265K 3
Wnt signaling pathway R26-WntVis CDB0303K 8
ERK FRET senssor R26R-EKAREV-NES CDB0306K 10
ERK FRET senssor R26R-EKAREV-NLS CDB0307K 10
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